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Fridges and fridges contain a cocktail of dangerous chemicals and gases that can be harmful to people, houses and the environment. When your fridge or freezer reaches the end of it's life, then take care to dispose of it properly.

I found out the hard way recently, when I  defrosted my freezer by chipping the ice off with a hammer and chisel. I pierced the casing and let out a jet of gas. The fridge freezer stopped working and leaked black chemicals that damaged the kitchen floor. Take my advice and defrost your fridge carefully.

There are three safe ways to dispose properly of your old fridge or freezer:

1. Get the shop you buy your new appliance from to collect it when they deliver your     new appliance. This is highly convenient but comes at a cost. Typically retaillers charge £15 - £30 for this service.

2. Take it to your local dump (or refuse amenity site as councils like to call them). Your local council will tell you where the nearest tip is. BEWARE chemicals from the fridge spilling in your car. The cost of DIY may not be worth it. Search our council pages for information about whereyour local dump is.

3. Get your local council's environmental department to collect it. Most councils charge £5 - £30  for this service (despite you already paying your Council Tax. Some of these charges are outrageously high and it is little wonder that our laybys and beauty spots are defiled by the fly-tipping of old fridges and freezers. Our Find a council pages will tell you how much your local council charges and we expose those who overcharge.

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