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Fridge disposal in Northumberland

All councils in Northumberland provide a bulky waste special collection service that will atke away your old fridge or freezer.
The amount they charge varies considerably.
Click on your local council for details.

Alnwick District Council FREE
Berwick-upon-Tweed Borough Council £15.00 (up to four items)
Blyth Valley Borough Council FREE
Castle Morpeth Borough Council £27.00
Tynedale Council FREE
Wansbeck District Council unpublished charge

Lowest charging council in Northumberland: Alnwick and Blyth Valley hive Council Tax payers good value for money with free collections.

Highest charging councils in Northumberland: Live in Castle Morpeth and you will pay the council an incredible £27.00 to have your broken fridge collected. In nearby councils this is a free service! Wansbeck Council fail to oprate open government by failing to publish their charges.

Alternatively get free collection of you old fridge when you buya new fridge or freezer from Currys:


Currys online offer free collection and re-cycling for your old appliance and you can save lots of money with Curry's discount codes valid until 30th september 2007

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